Branch Banking in Brazil: Juliano Assunção delves into the overlooked implications of location choice in development economics. What will we learn from his CFSP research? Read our Q & A with Juliano.

CFSP hosts a unique workshop: What might the rise of mobile banking in developing countries mean for payment system design and monetary policy? Read More.

What are the financial implications for developing countries where mobile money is on the rise? A new paper by CFSP’s Tavneet Suri, Robert M. Townsend, and Georgetown’s William Jack is one of the first to explore this question. Read more.

How do we know if financial innovations hurt or help in the fight against global poverty? A new book by CFSP's Robert M. Townsend paves the way for answering these questions. Learn more.

CFSP member Abhijit Banerjee has co-authored a new book, “Poor Economics,” with Esther Duflo. The authors explain the challenges of solving global poverty based on what they’ve learned from their experience and research using randomized control trials. Learn more about the book and what reviewers are saying about it.

Core Mission

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The Consortium on Financial Systems and Poverty (CFSP) is a private research organization comprised of leading and emerging economists. Our goal is to improve the lives of the world’s poor and to reduce poverty through helping to identify, define and develop efficient financial systems. We strive to generate tangible and objective results that have meaningful lessons for policymakers, researchers and stakeholders.